Camden City Offers Mini-Grant For Neighborhood Cleanups

With at least 10 volunteers, and four hours of a neighborhood clean up, you could be the next group to receive a mini-grant from the City of Camden.

As apart of Camden’s 2014 Clean Communities Mini-Grant program, the city is offering a $250.00 grant for any community or civic groups in Camden that commit to one day of community service. This includes groups such as Girl and/or Boy Scouts, sports teams and other civic groups. Homeowner groups do not qualify for the grant.

At least 10 to 15 volunteers are required to qualify as a group. Each group must have adult supervision. At least one adult must supervise per 5 children. Children under the age of 13 will not qualify as volunteers.

Every group that participates is required to set up a bank account so that the City of Camden can mail a check to their organization once the service hours are completed. Camden City must also approve the area to be cleaned and the date upon request before committing to the four hours. The city also requires that each group cleanup a minimum of four city blocks or the equivalent such as a park or 2 miles of roadway.

The City of Camden’s Clean Communities programs is also willing to provide any organization with the proper tools and accessories if needed, as long as they are returned the Monday of your cleanup.

To participate, all forms can be submitted to the Candice Jefferson (, Clean Communities coordinator, as a part of the City of Camden Clean Communities at 520 Market Street, 13 Floor Camden, NJ 08101. Or you can contact Deborah Beasley, Purchasing Agent, for additional information.

The deadline to apply for the Clean Communities grant is August 30th. You can download addition information, including the application form here:




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