Open Letter to Governor Christie: You Shut Up

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(Photo: Getty)

This is an open letter written to Governor Chris Christie by New Jersey resident, Brian K. Everett, following the governor’s latest media outburst and constituent belittling session on October 29th, 2014. Despite it not being “okay” for the governor to conduct himself in this manner, it is also not “okay” for his sub-par job to continuously be hidden behind his demeaning words.
I’m tired of the Governor belittling constituents. So, I wrote him an open letter:

Dear Mr. Governor,

No, Governor Christie, you sit the hell down and shut up, and you listen and listen good.
The fact of the matter is that New Jersey is metaphorically and literally crumbling right now. It is understandable that you may not have noticed since you have been galavanting across the country as you campaign for yourself and other republican governors. I mean, I went to New Orleans a few weeks ago and I equally had no idea what was going on in New Jersey. So, I get it, it is very tough to keep tabs on the state that you’re in charge of when you aren’t there.

But it is very important for you to understand a few things before you get mad again while reading this and completely lose track of why New Jersey residents are upset with you and your performance as governor. So listen good, Sir.

1. The Hurricane Sandy response is taking, as you would put it, TOO DAMN LONG. There are still families without houses. There are still schools that need repairs. And before you dare say that you’ve done anything, please check yourself. I tried really hard to find a google image of you physically doing anything for the Sandy recovery, and so far I’ve failed. If you really want to feel high and mighty for using a pen to free up relief dollars that rightfully belong to those affected by the storm, well go ahead, Sir. Those who should be saying anything about any sort of assistance to a recovery are the community members who literally have broken sweats from rebuilding New Jersey for you, so that you could then use their work as a lovely addition to your reelection commercials. In this case, the man who held a sign in front of you and tried to be heard during your October 29th press conference had every right to do so. He also did something that is incredibly hard for a New Jersey resident to do, which is to get your attention. ( )
2. You’re in charge of New Jersey, a state of which possesses a pension fund deficit that is one seventh the size of the stimulus package that the entire nation received during the height of the 2008 recession. This is damning by itself so I’ll leave you to ponder this on your own. Get it together hombre.( )

3. There are seven distinct cities within your state that continuously require more than ~$300 million dollars in state aid every year in order to function due to inadequate implementations of affordable housing. Seven times $300 million equals more than $2 Billion every year to simply function these systemically defunct cities in the ways they already exist. You can fix this, just in case you were wondering. ( )
4. New Jersey is so direly in need of revenue that it is actually beginning to be funny. But, of course, when Senator Scutari proposed a bill that could generate more than $1 Billion in tax revenue for New Jersey, you scoffed and resorted to protecting your 2016 image. Marijuana is economically propelling Colorado and Washington into successful states of being. The drugs of which you should be crying out against are the ones that are routinely prescribed in the form of opiate pain killers. These are the ones you should be “up in arms” against. For real though. Those pills are the reasons why you were pretty much forced to pass legislation giving residents and 911 responders the ability to use Narcan for heroin overdoses. Heroin is almost taking over New Jersey as fast as poverty has under your administration. Abre sus ojos, por favor. ( )
5. OUR NEW JERSEY ROADS ARE LITERALLY THE WORST THING SINCE UNSLICED BREAD. If you refuse to believe me, just take a drive down RT. 70 while trying to drink a cup of coffee. After your shirt and tie are completely covered in coffee, proceed to tell me how I’m wrong about New Jersey’s roads.
6. EDUCATION: You cannot fix education by dismantling public educational systems. You are simply acting like you’re giving a hoot for the time period in which you may run for election, but in reality you have simply created a systematic approach to moving certain classifications of students into charter schools and from there you have claimed that charter schools are successful while you have concentrated the population of ESL and special needs students into public schools and from there you have claimed that public schools are destroying education, while all along it has been your reelection seeking strategies that have destroyed education. (Don’t feel too insulted, it hasn’t been JUST you, but nevertheless, you took over Newark and Camden Public Schools and left them to rot.) ( )
7. It is so ridiculously expensive to live in New Jersey. This is both a fact and a statement of opinion. It’s a fact due to New Jersey being rated the fifth most expensive state to live in throughout the entire country. Relax, I’m not about to blame you for that, I know there are a lot of factors that create a culture to yield a state being expensive to live in. But, I will tell you that your administration can’t even follow a constitutional amendment correctly. Yes, your administration has not correctly enforced the amendment that stemmed from the approval of last year’s referendum question. Look it over, and I am sure that you will see that if the amendment was to be enforced verbatim, than in such a case New Jersey would not be facing a thirteen cent increase to the minimum wage, from $8.25 to $8.38. Your department of labor used a faulty formula, by which they simply applied the year’s change in the consumer price index (CPI) instead of using the consumer price index to calculate New Jersey’s actual cost of living, of which the constitutional amendment says should yield the new hourly wage as of 2015. So, in total, according to several academic entities, New Jersey’s 2015 minimum wage should be around the $10.75-$11.13 area. But I understand why you haven’t paid attention to that, you have, after all said you are tired of hearing about the minimum wage that SO MANY FAMILIES DEPEND ON. ( )

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say for now. I hope I got your attention.
But wait, one last thing.
This isn’t necessarily a New Jersey thing, but more so a United States of America thing. Should you indeed choose to run for the oval office, you must change your demeanor. I’ll be damned sir, if the commander in chief conducts himself like you currently do. Under no circumstance is it appropriate for you to continuously belittle constituents. And again, I’ll be damned sir, if you as the commander in chief conduct yourself as you do now towards foreign allies, and piss off other nations’ leaders to the point where it is my rear end going to war because you could not hold your feeble temper. Stop being such an irrational bully, and stop being so blind to the fact that New Jersey’s poverty rate has skyrocketed under your administration.

Good day, Sir.

-Brian K. Everett


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